Justin Hampton, a copywriter


Greetings. My name is Justin Hampton. Since 1993 I have been making something of a living as a writer. I began my career as a music journalist, and I currently assist clients on finding their professional voice. I specialize in the state-legal cannabis industry, but I have also worked with nonprofits and startups as well. Reach out to me through email or my social networks about your organization's needs.

My Specialties
Public Relations

I've developed a strong sense of what makes a good story over the past 20+ years of working in the freelance trenches. From legacy publications like the Los Angeles Times and SPIN to newer upstarts like VICE and Daily Beast, I can help you navigate the media wilds.


In professional communications, complex strategies must be condensed into easily graspable ideas. I have accomplished these goals for nonprofits, political campaigns and music labels, and can assist on projects great and small.


Be it for a business, an event or an individual, a brand must create an alluring character. I in particular favor these creative challenges, and work with entrepreneurs to find the unique lexical alchemy which will distinguish their brands from others.

About Me
Justin Hampton, a copywriter
Justin Hampton

Over the past 24 years, I've participated in many different writing projects, from journalism to website copy. Click on the button for a brief narrative overview of my career.