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Since 2000, Justin Hampton has constructed 3D interactive texts which transform the page and the written word into environmental artifacts. On this website, Justimmersion invite you to sample some of the wares he has constructed over the years and consider the directions immersive art and culture can take in the years to come.

Experience Design

Through Justimmersion, Justin Hampton reframes the written word within the physical realm. His texts are written on drywall, bedsheets, sandpaper and other unusual mediums, and scattered through all five senses. They are also portable, and can be custom-designed for any number of settings or occasions.

Puzzle Creation

Justimmersion's pages are often either "operated" or pieced together in unique ways in order to be read. Others are more traditionally presented. But the experience is always tactile, active and uniquely stimulating.

Interactive Narrative

While made to be read, Justimmersion's text require more physical activity than just turning a page. Readers walk through, assemble, smell and manipulate pages. Justimmersion works within several mediums - paper engineering, peel/scratch-offs, puppetry and geocaching - to create a story that writes upon the whole world.

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Our Founder
Justin Hampton

Originally starting his career as a journalist, Justin initially started making his books for friends and special occasions in Los Angeles before branching out to reach larger audiences...